Jeeves & Jericho loose-leaf teas

 We are the proud appointed distributor of the jolly good tea company Jeeves & Jericho’s vast range of wonderfully varied teas. All loose-leaf, we offer an enormous range of gourmet teas – from traditional English Breakfast right through to the deliciously refreshing Mint Mojito.

Favoured by chefs Raymond Blanc and James Martin, Jeeves & Jericho is a growing brand in the tea world which is becoming popular with connoisseurs nationwide. Designed to answer the growing market for loose-leaf, high quality teas, Jeeves & Jericho offer a tea for absolutely everyone. The beautiful retro designs look perfectly quirky in any setting, meaning that your tea offering can be just as tempting as your coffee. 

Alongside gourmet teas, we can also provide your business with everything it takes to serve the perfect cuppa every time - beautiful cast-iron teapots, high quality strainend anything else you may need!


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